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Family Law Recommendations Please (Dubai)

Hello Internations Dubai :)

I need a recommendation on a family law lawyer in the UAE that will be helpful to expats. They need good knowledge of UAE law, in addition to international law - Australian preferred, noting that Australian family law is aligned with Hague agreements (but our bureaucrats prefer to do everything our own way.)
Residence in the UAE is not necessary.

Also appreciated would be useful experience in negotiating a divorce in the UAE as an expat, particularly WRT child custody. If anyone can answer the question of whether a wife can file for divorce prior to negotiating custody - I'd appreciate hearing about that. The dad will still be a resident in the UAE whereas the mother wants to return to her home country.

If you don't want to publish you story (or name) just PM me :)

Great help is appreciated and I can buy you a drink one day on the way through.


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