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Feedback on possible Dubai employer (Damac)

Hi all!

I'm currently in Doha, considering a possible move to Dubai, working at marketing for Damac Properties.

My main concern right now is that I searched for Damac on Glassdoor and it has mixed-to-bad reviews. The good reviews are generic, short and vague. The bad reviews are detailed, emphatic and consistent, the consensus being:

* very bad treatment towards employees
* disorganized and unprofessional work environment/practices
* longer-than-average or longer-than-agreed-to work hours
* some irregularities concerning contracts, salaries and visas

I wanted to know if anyone here has experience with them and can corroborate this, or shed info & tips as to what I would be getting myself into.

I don't mind long work hours, what I fear most is that they might not let me exit the country once a month (or more often, if possible?) to visit my wife who, in theory, would stay in Doha until her contract expires.

Basically it would be a sacrifice from both of us in order to amass as much savings as possible in as short a time as possible... so if I get hired by Damac and it doesn't work out (they fire me or I quit), I would go back to Doha where I am currently with a Family visa, though not working.

So my priorities would be:
* Save a LOT (I'm relatively spartan)
* Not be screwed by employer in terms of salary, visa, exit.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your feedback.

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