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Financial Planning (Dubai)

Oh NO!! Not another insurance agent? everyone comes and sell you a product!! Do you think you are over insured ?? Many of us are scared to show what we have done for our future. Financial planning is not only about life insurance or one child plan, its way beyond that. If looking for true advice, be transparent to your adviser- It is an art when a adviser knows your choice of color and designs, he/she can paint your future with your liking. Various stages under planning, from life protection, income protection, saving for kids and saving for beautiful retirement or managing wealth, one has different priorities at different age. When you are young and newly married, protection is your priority and you may not want or look at savings for retirement, at this stage people save to spend - on first home or save for kids etc. Be aware of what stage you are and what may be perfect step for you. Plan and then move ahead step by step as your budget allow. Often heard- people fail to plan. Don't be one of them. Those who have always kept eyes open and taken wiser steps to plan, should consider taking a latest opinion from adviser, its likely your life has taken different route and your financial planning may need some modifications after years, such as when you move to new home, you may not need old furniture and likely you need replacement or modifications. Be aware and take informative decision with your money, its your hard earn income. Cheers by your friend.

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