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For the attention of Expats living in Dubai

The pension crisis in the UK is rapidly deteriorating, and as the years go on, more and more people are facing a steep uphill struggle their twilight years as they discover that the money they have been contributing towards their pension fund, to provide them with a comfortable and safe retirement, is basically going to end up in the already bulging pockets of the politicians.................

However, I have a solution which may be of interest to you.

Would you like to have 100% control of your pension and be able to leave whatever is remaining to your loved ones upon your demise?

Would you like to have your pension paid to you in a currency you can determine?

Would you like to draw on your pension as early as age 55?

Would you like to grow your pension in a fund you have complete control over which will grow at a more attractive rate?

Would you prefer to have your money in YOUR pocket rather than someone else's?

If you have a UK pension and live here in Dubai, and have answered YES to any of my questions, then please please get in touch - I am certain that I will be able to assist you.

There are no fees or charges for my time or advice, please call me Protected content email me Protected content

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