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Free Expat advice for overseas education plans (Dubai)

It’s normal for us to want the best level of education for our children, so they develop into successful and ambitious adults............Right?

Currently, university fees for UK and EU students in the UK are at £ Protected content year, however Students from outside the EU will pay up to four times the fees charged to UK students next year suggests a survey.

Did you know that if you take your child out of the UK for more than two years they will be classed as an ‘International Student’ upon their return?

So, with this in mind – let’s say you are living in Dubai and you have one child, and they want to go to a UK university which will fees total to at least a whopping £27,000 per year. They also need somewhere to live, right? So accommodation and living expenses need to be added on top of that, as well as books, trips, flights to visit family, holidays......I could go on and on....

Realistically you are looking at over £35,000 per year, at least.

So let’s say, your child wants to study very hard to become a Veterinary surgeon which means Protected content studying in specialist universities...................

I imagine your wallet is sweating if you have even one child, let alone a whole brood!

So – maybe cash in the bank, or a couple of property investments may seem like enough to get your kids through school, but why clean yourself out if there is another way?

It’s never too late to start making provisions for an event that you KNOW is going to occur.

I work very closely with expats in UAE, concentrating on overseas education planning and solutions to fit the financial circumstances of each individual.

I am very happy to assist and advise you if this subject is relevant to you.

Good, solid advice. No fees for my time or services.

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