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Got an offer from Emirates Airlines ! (Dubai)

Dear Dubaier of Dubai Internations Community,

Every day there are tons of new Threads over here. You might not read all of them but please I need your help to read this thread, Pls kindly leave your comment base on ur experience or share your deep insight on careerwise or either on lifewise. (whether if you are local or expats in Dubai, your sincerely comment or personal perspectives are much appricaited,) I want to see if there's a possible good future after join this stage in life. Thank you all in advance !

Story : I am a Chinese working and living in Beijing, China for the last 10 years, life is pretty good over here until I got this offer from Emirates airline by the 1st of July, I been offered a position at the Airport as an customer service professional ( airport agent) with a basic salary of Protected content per month and Protected content allowrance( if there's no free company provide accomodation). I seriosly count my self lucky as this is a result on a 8 given finaly offer letter through Protected content candidate in China over 3 rounds national interviews, I wouldnt say it is impossible battle but it is quite limited chance, not as much as I heard the crazy competition for Emriates Carbin Crews here in China.

I admited that I love new life challenge, esp for work. I never stop look forward, never back ward. however after did some serious homework and internet research, I got a bit upset about my "bright future" in Dubai, mainly the problem is a fact, which is the job offers such low wages, as an expat how could I save up money etc. I dont mean I come to a new country and wanna live life like a queen here but I expect some normal expat life to learn and mingle, which I hope I can afford, like outdoor activities or sports. I belive the life cost is an average but living cost is another differen story. But seems this wages are pretty low compare the market in Dubai.

I wish I could applied Carbin crew position but since this is not the case, I been also offered another job here in beijing, with around Protected content AED per month wages at a start up project in an investment company.

Now I dont know what to do, one hand I really wanna try out new things and explore life like a bird before I turn to a new ara of age, another hand I am very concerned about the realities too since I am not a 20 years old smth...

Im thiking, Am I just confused between this two offers or Am I just too greedy?

This supposed to be a very good news to celebreat but now I am spending time on doubting .... :-0

Thanks for your time!



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