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Help! I need your experiences in the UAE (Dubai)

Dear all,

i had my first day at my new job (local law firm). It started like this: the office run out of drinking water, phone keeps ringing without no break, colleagues had no time to show me around or to teach me anything, I have no proper desk to work, clients everywhere, my boss was ignoring me, not even greeting me. After 2 h he came to me, throw some paper in my direction and was talking something which I couldn't understand because of the surrounded noise, the collegue on my right side picked up the phone while putting her head on the desk and talking to clients with closed eyes.... Boss came to her later, shouting at her although she had enough to do with phone calls, she was nearly crying (same as me)....Boss came to me telling me off....(but before no clear instructions), no lunch break, eating at the desk and so on....I am shocked! Is this normal for the UAE, or am I just too sensitive? Thanks for your comments and kind regards

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