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Help needed for job references (Dubai)


I'm quite unhappy about my current job profile and distracted,vigorously looking for a change....I keep sending my cv to numerous companies everyday. I was so disappointed and hopeless.The other day I met three different people and they completely changed my attitude and made me thankful to God.Now I don't care about my job cause I know I can change it and do better than this.But these three people are running out of money,job, n even a shelter.I get food at least 3 times a day,but these guys include one baby girl struggling hard which really made me speechless....The least help we can offer them is to find as many references as possible cause these three are expert in different fields.They are searching for a job and they need it badly....Now I don't care about my job and how low my profile is cause I wanna see them all in a job otherwise they won't survive......I have a job and I get enough food ,but they don't have any of these blessings now....Please join me again to help them all.....This is an opportunity God is giving us to help the needy.Lets stand together to support them.Please send some references ,so that they can appear for an interview.

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