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How do we condemn Racism (Dubai)

Hi Everyone,

In our day to day activities we might have been neglected, unattended to or in some way felt how ridiculed we might have been treated by other people's thinking.

Such reaction makes some go back into their shell, loose their confidence in public or otherwise.

I feel saddened when I see or hear such stories

However, I would like us to share some experience, how we might have been treated because of our skin color, accent,nationality or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

For me I've tried to organize an event as a Group console once, I met the Hotel/Event Manager which I gave my proposal and the moment he realized it was more of a Black group Name ( not all my members are blacks by the way)

He opted and whispered in my ears; Saturdays wont be good for you cause a lot of white people come here to wine and dine.
I was amazed with my Jaws falling off.

Another story below is of a lady that was outraged, and shown the way out.
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What is your story, how have you handled it and what advice would you provide for other victims.

Lets hear your say,


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