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How to get an Instant Trade License in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates has faced many challenges in its history and is now leading the world in many sectors. Currently, the UAE is going through a phase of population growth, as many people around the world are looking towards the UAE for the many business and career opportunities it offers. The growing population provides more opportunities for different sectors and especially for the healthcare sector and private hospitals. It is said that the UAE has the lowest ratio of doctors, so there are a lot of opportunities for growth in the healthcare and medicine industry.

How to Open A Private Clinic in Dubai?
To set up a healthcare business in Dubai, you need to have a medical degree or have to be a Director with a relevant qualification. An international diploma or degree isn’t sufficient to open a private hospital in Dubai and is subject to the certification procedure in the UAE. All the personnel must be fully certified at all levels by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). Besides, knowing the English language is a mandatory condition.
Here are the following steps to get a license for private clinic in Dubai:
Reserve A Trade Name
Obtain Initial Approval from the DED
Obtain Approval from the DHA
Submit the Documents
Get Final Approval from the DED
Get A License from the DHA

The Dubai government is taking major steps for providing the best of healthcare facilities and striving to make Dubai Healthcare City the healthcare hub of the world. Their commitment towards providing its residents with the best of medical centers and public and private hospitals is commendable. So, if you are looking to set up a private clinic in Asia, Dubai is the place to be. You can contact Dubai Approvals for any assistance or advice.

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