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I’m what I’m (Dubai)


I’m what I’m, that’s what I can say,
The tale of my life; let me narrate in a poetic way.

Not only crazy and careless, I’m lazy too,
I am shady, mysterious and ignorant; I will not lie to you.

I’m funny, friendly & talkative that’s what I have been told,
Well, I get scared easily; just pretend that I am bold.

I love, I care, I miss and weep,
Don’t show it often, until dig down deep.

Not very responsible, and Yes, I make a lot of mess,
That’s the truth; I am telling you so don’t second guess.

I don’t forgive, I don’t forget, I just leave it behind,
I have my logic on that, don’t judge me, unkind.

I know, I am not perfect; I am full of flaws,
But, I think, I’m what I’m, without any clause.

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