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I need an expert to an analysis of cost of live (Dubai)

I see a very big dilemma is basically decide if I accept a job offer in what I like but abu dabhi (I do not like that city so much) and work at a job that usually do not last more than 2, 3 years (but you never know) but with a salary between 20,000 to 22,000-delcual I can support my family.
or stay in my current job (in dubai, more expensive) currently earn 14,000 dirhams, with that gamble and accept the proposal for my boss which is that in a year, year and a half they hire an analyst to determine which is the wage needed to live and not just survive (which is not the same). and expect to keep his word and his boss (the supreme leader) accept and give me reconsider the salary commensurate with what is necessary for a family of 3 people, as he has promised.
then to know your opinion of the above I would like to know if somebody know an expert who could make that expertise (analysis of cost of living)

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