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Intensive Tango workshop for all levels! (Dubai)

Hey all!

Do not miss this opportunity this September,...absolute beginners should start here! Here are the details;

SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP PROGRAM - essential technique for all levels.

Session 1: Strength, Stability and freedom of movement

We will start today by applying these 3 basic and crucial elements in the linear and circular movements of Tango, as we look at body alignment through these movements.
... ...
Session 2: Connection and Disassociation

Before stepping onto the dance floor it is fundamental to understand first how to respect and connect to yourself, your partner and other dancers around you. I will explain the difference between connection and disassociation and where, when and how to disassociate in relation with you partner. Both are necessary elements to achieve balance, control and harmonious movement.

Session 3 & Session 4: Musicality I & II

If you can hear it you can dance it! This week we will study some of the basic concepts of Tango music. The simple, double and half time steps, pauses of different lengths, rhythmic variations in the melody, etc... The purpose is to have a maximum possible connection and coordination with the music. Rather than performing random sequences of patterns and figures, you should start to improvise your steps and respond to the music.

Session 5: Pivoting with balance and elegance

How to generate effortless pivots without thrusting your partner out of balance. It is a necessary foundation to synchronized gracefulness in your movement. I will also clarify your roles as partners (seperately) using some of these exercises.

Session 6: Space and basic Navigation

Tango is a very unselfish and noble dance. How to navigate around the dance floor without bothering other dancers is very important. Floating through the dance floor with precision and control is a million times more satisfying than cutting off others and being elbowed and cut off. We will practice some exercises using awareness, alertness and planning ahead while efficiently using your own space and respecting other dancers’ space.

Session 7: The steps before the step

Moving with quality. Key tips to maintaining absolute gapless connection and synchronized motion with your partner. This requires a lot of concentration in the early stages of learning (or later stages if you’ve never learnt them!) This subtlety and smoothness eventually becomes a natural movement through practicing today’s exercises .

TIMINGS: Classes are on the following days from 7:30pm to 9:00pm;

Session 1- Saturday September 10th
Session 2- Wednesday September 14th
Session 3- Saturday September 17th
Session 4- Wednesday September 21st
Session 5- Saturday September 24th
Session 6- Wednesday September 28th
Session 7- Saturday October 1st


45 AED per session OR Protected content for the entire workshop

Each session is 1.5 hours. All 7 sessions are 10.5 hours.

It is strongly recommended to take all the classes as they are generally progressive.

Hope to see you all there!

Dona Hourani

*Private classes for all levels are also available upon request.

To book your place and for more information please message me on FB or call Miss Lizel on Protected content .

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