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Internations - Conditions on posts (Dubai)


So, i was being a good boy amd reading the terms and conditions for posting at internations. I found something interesting, which was at the "Marketplace" section amd here is the abstract -

"Please note that our Marketplace section is not to be used as a means for free advertisement. This section is here to give our members the opportunities to sell a personal item. It is not, however, a place for our members to advertise their company or products."

I see Protected content about people promoting their or their companies business, so here is my question to rest of people -

A) Should this be reported to the IN Ambassador (Dalia Gamli) (im kinda scared of her anyway) not sure if she can do anything but im sure she has more control over things than we do.
B) Should i report this by clicking on the report button?
C) Should i be like "Who cares anyway, get a life Ali"?
D) Understand their business and promote them? (Angel head)

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