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InterNations Get Together: Saturday May 3rd 2pm (Dubai)


Dear Dubai InterNations Community,

After the InterNations URL was recently blocked in the UAE we started worrying about the future of in this country. Luckily we were able to convince the UAE watchdog about the social and benevolent character of this platform and are ready to further expand and make use of it.
We (Marcela Cruz Castillo and Philipp von Zitzewitz) have recently volunteered for being InterNations Ambassadors for Dubai, intending to improve the social side of Internations and getting members and friends together in the real (DUBAI) world.
Our Emirate boasts a number of cool outdoor and indoor activities as well as places to go out, and we will more or less regularly try to get you all together for some fun.
Dubai, its citizens and all of us are always “too much” busy 24/7, but for those who do find some free time we would like to post some activities every now and then and encourage you to come up with ideas as well. We will be happy to forward, announce and support activities and events whenever fun and advantages for the community are involved.

As a small start and get-together, I approached Starbucks at Mall of the Emirates for a coffee tasting with a little lecture on coffee and some snacks and pastries. They were happy to host InterNations, so if you fancy taking a free coffee and some pastries at 2pm on Saturday 3rd of May at Starbucks, Debenhams, 4rth floor Mall of the Emirates, please join in. It is a nice opportunity to meet some interesting people over a good coffee, educate yourself and go for a shopping tour after. If you are interested, please confirm attendance via InterNations.

If you are generally interested in “real world activities” please connect to us via InterNations and please send us your ideas and suggestions for whatever fun you think of and would like to organize.

Some of us started coming together on Tuesdays at the Apartment for Salsa Classes already. Some have suggested Volley Ball playing at the beach. Paint Ball, Canoeing, Go-kart racing, clubbing… We will keep you posted!

Stay connected!

Marcela and Philipp

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