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Introduction of Business (Dubai)

Let me introduce to you about myself I am Noaman Ghaffar and I am doing business in Dubai with group of business partners operating from South Africa, India, Nepal, Mauritius, USA, UK, France and other countries around the world.

We are dealing with many kind of industries in many countries depends on demand of any product on that particular country and circulate our products.

We are selling all branded items in best price to our clients where our client will be satisfied with our products and having long term business relationship with us.

Currently I am looking for buyers from around the world who have strong grip in their own Country to buy our Branded products in best prices and have long term business relationship with us.

We are supplying many different kind of commodity around the world and still growing more and more in our business.

We are specializing in all kind of Branded Products which can supply to anywhere in the world and all movement and operation will be taking place from Dubai, UAE.

List of Product and Services given below

01) All Kind of Home Appliance.
02) All Kind of Mobile and Laptops Products and Accessories.
03) Any Kind of Gold directly from mines.
04) Any Kind of Diamond directly from mines.
05) Any Kind of Foodstuff
06) Any Kind of Cigarettes
07) Establishment of Oversea Company and Bank Accounts
08) All kind of Fuel and Diesel Oils.

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