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Investment Required (Dubai)

A Unique Startup Project for selling fashion dresses on Khalq Marketplace Prototype needs funding and suppliers.

About us:

We are expats living in Dubai but this is our second home and we love our home country Pakistan. We miss things from or country especially beautiful clothing for ladies. So we have decided to develop a solution for expats living overseas.

On the other hand fashion industry in Pakistan has been booming and there is a unique desire in the overseas communities about such products. But the fact of the matter is that much of the dresses are grabbed by ladies anxious to buy all the stuff and line up in front of the shops. Designers like HSY, Deepak Parwani, Amir Adnan, Juniad Jamshed are offering dresses for men and Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya for women. Maria B and Gul Ahmed are favorites internationally amongst countries like UK USA and India. Pakistani Designer Fashion events are held in Dubai, London and other parts of the world to display the latest trends.

Our Value Proposition:

Looking at the hype we contacted the suppliers like Gul Ahmed and Bareeze to list their inventory on our site and reserve some inventory for international buyers. Now we have started to develop a place where all the loved clothes are displayed and orders can be placed to get hold of these products. We found that the sites available do not list the variety of brands at one place. So there is definitely an opportunity to organize a Multibrand Marketplace and arrange for deliwery across borders. This could only be done by bringing merchants together at one place and making the inventory items available in time for the latest season. It was not easy but we found that there were millions waiting for this to happen.

Validation of our Model:

We can see that Gul Ahmed has an eCommerce site known all over the world almost Protected content visit it from overseas every month. Some local Pakistani Sites also exist which are less known internationally and have a high cost of shipping items to overseas. There are many sites trying to sell these items in Pakistan but not outside Pakistan which can be mentioned except Stylealoud from UK to serve almost 5 million people from Asian Countries.

A report from Dubai Govt. shows an opportunity also exists in Modest and Islamic fashion eCommerce. Huge Numbers of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs also like to shop Pakistani designer dresses. Online Fashion retail is common in the west and the US especially Etsy and Poshmark are a few of the marketplaces. Manish Chandra of Poshmark has raised over 47Million Dollars so far.

Pre Revenue Stage:

There are good prospects for huge public interest and chances for good earnings in very short period of time as we are prepared to go to market in three months. We tested eBay and Amazon to see if people are seeking Pakistan dresses which proved that a lot of them were ready customers.

We have hired a team of developers in Lahore to manage the System for us in Magento an eCommerce platform for which we have some good know how ourselves too. We can now launch and grow the idea based on the prototype developed by our team.

We invite you to have a look at a short video about our prototype POC site Protected content . Or click here Protected content .

The executive summary of our plan is available for your review and invite you to participate in investment or funding of the project. We look forward to your support.


Hassan Jawad
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