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Is there anyone who prefer vision over experience? (Dubai)

Starting from background of a zero investment business which kind of made me complete my bachelors in Software Engineering. I was broke and living in a store room of a hostel near my university in Islamabad.

Having a soft corner for photography and the situation I was in kind of pushed me to start something to earn money from. DSLR being very cheap and handy, everyone has one. That was a nice time to be in the market, but oh wait.. business or any start up needs investment.
There was a remedy to this too. I tried to figure out those wholesalers who can give me the product on debt and i can pay them later once I've sold it.
bamm... i found one... but it took time to form a trust. But things were good.
Online retailing eliminated the cost of having a physical shop and thus I was getting a nice amount of profit out of it to support myself and my studies.
Had to manage everything alone as there was not much profit out of this to accommodate another person. Had to take order, pick up and deliver the product all to myself, I was the CEO, order taker, purchaser and the delivery man. haha.
But things turned out to be a little different after the graduation, as I wanted to work and make my career in my field.
One bad move, and you are back to level 1.
I started an internship @ Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited, leaving the start up in the hands of a friend. The sales went down drastically. Being an inexperienced businessman, there was nothing I could do about that.
Apart from that, I'm kinda person who have a can do it all attitude or someone might say an all rounder.
So I ended up in Dubai somehow and as +1 in the list of all those people who are here for a job.

So, If you have read this one till now; you can definitely help me out as you have the patience to listen to someone :D
I just need guidance for how to approach that person or a company who value a person with vision of advancement , a person who is willing to learn throughout his working experience, a person who has a diversified experience in sales, customer service, research and development, IT Service Management and many other things.
And not only this,I believe if someone cant see it, there is definitely a problem in me that I'm unable to present something to people can see it. I would appreciate if someone can help me out in presenting all of those abilities which I'm unable to express in the right way in person or in my CV.
Well, now I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to read this post. If you are a prospective employer or anyone who can help me excel my job hunt in Dubai, than it will be more than a pleasure to talk to you.
Here is my direct line Protected content , it will be a great experience to learn.

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