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Is this a dating site.....? (Dubai)


So I'm new here and I have to say I am quite surprised over the amount of "twinkles" and messages I have received so far, 99% of which are from guys. I'm sure there are a few honest souls out there who are only seeking to establish friendships, but at the same time I think there's a need for me to say that I'm not looking for dates here. Shame it's not an option on the profile to disable that silly twinkle thing (yes I saw the other thread here regarding this) and/or to state clearly that one is not interested in dating requests.

So here it is. My purpose here is to meet other active girls, or just girls altogether, who might have the same interests as me. I love working out and fitness in general - currently I've switched to calisthenics (bodyweight training) from free weight lifting. Other interests are food and cooking, reading, skydiving, swimming, going to the beach, the occasional shisha, the occasional clubbing (big fan of dubstep and beach parties) and more.

If you do not fit the above description then please save yourself the trouble of twinkling and/or messaging. I really try to say this in the nicest possible way. Thank you for understanding.

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