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1. After you send your CV for a job, do not sit back and wait for an answer. Upon sending your CV, give it 48 hours and then call to do a follow up.

If sent a CV to a company:

Job Seeker: Hi, Could I speak with HR please?
Receptionist: May I know what this is in regards with?
Job Seeker: I sent my CV for "job title" and would like to follow up
- Sometimes they will say, "HR will get back to you" but sometimes they will put you through

HR Person: Yes, how can I help you?
Job Seeker: Good Morning/Afternoon, I apologize and I hope that I am not taking up your precious time but I would just like to know about the "job title" I applied for. If you could please give me some details or take a look at my CV, I would really appreciate it.

The key is, not to be pushy. Be polite and yourself. If they say, they will get back to you, say thank you and ask "Is it alright if I follow up with you in a few days?" If they say yes, ask "would you prefer I follow up via the phone or email as I do not want to disturb you" .. Most of the time, if the HR is a good person, they will say yes

2. Make sure your CV is updated and check for spelling/grammar errors. 9/10 times your CV will be rejected if they see spelling/grammar errors.

3. In Cover letters, use full words and not words with '. For example
Wrong: I've over 15 years experience in Finance
Right: I have over 15 years experience in Finance

Also, a cover letter is what will get you rejected or accepted. Keep it max. 3 paragraphs and do not write a book report. Read the job description and write the cover letter with that in mind pointing out what you know and how many years experience you got.

Apply for the job only if you have experience with atleast 75% of what is being asked for bearing in mind you have the experience with what they "must want" in a candidate

4. Create a Linkedin account and check out Linkedin Jobs. Make connections but DO NOT send emails asking for jobs. On Linkedin, find the job you want, and apply for it. Once you know the person that posted it, try to make a connection. DO NOT, act needy or desperate even if you are. It will get you rejected immediately.
If a connection is made, wait for a few days and then send a simple email asking if your CV was reviewed.
Start by Saying "Thank you for accepting me. I am a job seeker and I hope you do not mind me asking you about the job you posted. I have submitted my CV and would like to tell you a little about myself." Explain what you have done in about Protected content and end it with, "I realize you get a lot of CVs but If you could get back to me, I would really appreciate it"

Linkedin is a great tool to research a company and its people too.

4. During an interview, do not just answer questions but ask questions too. Make sure you have reviewed the company and also the person who is interviewing you. The key is finding common ground between the person interviewing you and yourself or between the company and you and why you would be a good fit.
Confidence in yourself works but do not be over confident. Do not show the person that you know everything but if you do know everything, be modest and honest.

Common questions asked:

- Tell me about your past experiences
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years
- What are your strongest areas?
- What are some areas where you need improvement?
- What makes you a good fit for this job?

Good Luck to all you Job Seekers out there.

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