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Are you looking for a new challenge or stuck in a field that just isn't providing you with the satisfaction you want? We realize there are a lot of people out there who want to make that change but have an education or experience that doesn't make it easy to switch to another industry.

Well, then this may be of interest to you. Some of the most successful people in our company and industry did not have experience as financial planners. They were engineers, nurses, real estate agents and made the switch and never looked back. Protected content is possible because we give you the skills and knowledge needed to perform and all you need to do is bring the right attitude.

Why this is the right career for you:
- An engaging and interesting career in an exciting field.
- No set working hours!
- Excellent career development programs.
- Top class care and support from a multi-award winning
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- A fulfilling and rewarding role.
- Amazing rewards and benefits!
- Financial independence.

For more than 2 decades we at Nexus Insurance Brokers have helped many individuals succeed as personal financial advisers. We have the structure and ability to support you to become a successful career person as well. You will learn more about the career opportunity and us during the orientation session.

If you think you are up for this challenge then please send your CV and some information about yourself to Protected content

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