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Just cant find work as a dentist! (Dubai)


Hi all - Im new to the forum.

I think I've literally spent the last month of my life sitting on the laptop looking online for jobs in Dubai as a dentist.

What a pain in arse it is. Loads of posts come up on the GulfNews websites and very occasionally on Dubizzle. I always respond but no one replies.I've e-mailed the clinics directly and again hardly anyone replies. I have had once response saying that they would like to meet me in the flesh first and another company that keeps saying they'll call for a phone intereview but never do. I thought Dubai would be crying out for western-trained dentists?

To date I have had one offer from a clinic near the Greens however the owner seemed like a right dodgy character saying that I should pay 50% of my Visa fees and no paid holidays etc..

What more can I do?Anyone?

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