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Landlord/tenant disagreement (Dubai)

Hi all,

Maybe some of you guys in the legal/real estate profession can help.

My wife and I have been renting out a room for the last 3 months and obviously paying rent to the landlord. No written contract only verbally was made and we pay him cash every month. Now we have found a nicer place (villa) and gave him 7 days notice on 18/09/ Protected content we'll be moving out on 25th. He now says that we still have to pay for the 5 days till the end of the month even though we won't be staying there plus DEWA which wasn't part of the deal as it was all included in the monthly fee. No way are we going to pay for an empty room but just pay him till the day we move out!

-Is this fair on what he says about paying the extra 5 days for an empty room?
-Could he report us to the authorities for non payment even though no written/signed contract was made?
-Can he just charge us for DEWA out of the blue? We did pay 250Aed last month towards it as the aircon was on most of the time (because it's freakin' hot!!!!)
-What are our rights as tenants?

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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