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led writing board for sale (200 Aed) (Dubai)


It is most often used in Restaurants, Shopping mall, Coffee Shops, Bars, or Night Clubs and any public places, they are ideal for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions. This board also known as a Write optionally with a marker pen, it is perfect for attracting new customers to your business. For example the board can also influence customers or diners' or club-goers' decisions towards a meal or drink or your other business.


These eye-catching, sparkling colored signs, finished in a high quality, molded, non-fading black, a.b.s. frame are excellent for. . . . . . Restaurant Menu Boards. . . . . . Daily Specials. . . . . . Promotions. . . . . Special Events. . . . . . Discount Sales. . . . . New Product Releases. . . . . . Stock Clearance Sales. . . . . . . Price Lists. . . . . In fact for any information you wish to display in dazzling, illuminated, erasable, writing.

Product features:

- LED Fluorescent writing Board can work in nights and days, especially Dazzling in dark environment.

- You could write any characters and design graphs with a fluorescent marker pen optionally.

- The letter is colorful and clear, the graph is vivid and it could be wiped easily with soft cloth.

- The board could be luminous for over 50 thousand hours continuously.

- The fluorescent board adopts safe 12V DC voltage, power plug is available for any country like euro plug, au plug, uk plug etc,

- Handwriting: You can utilize your creativity to draw any pictures as you like. now many entertainment circles use this new advertisement method to better reflect their own styles, this method is diversified, unique and could create different atmospheres.

- Easy wiping: Now most billboards are one-off, but Fluorescent writing Board could be used again and again, it fits the bulletins and signboards that we often need to change their content.

- Fluorescent effect, it could attract consumers easily and achieve the goal of promotion.

- Applications: Any enterprise such as restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, stations, supermarkets, parking lots, companies, schools, churches, etc.

Product advantages:

1, Multi-color and Multi-flashing model are available:

* 4 Color & 7 twinkle model are available
* Combination 7colors twinkle in waves sequential from red-pink-deep blue-light blue-green-yellow-white.
* Combination 4colors twinkle from red-green-blue-white.
* Each color can flashing and steady-on separately by a control button.
* All flashing speed (fast or slow) can be adjust by a control button.

2, The fluorescent writing board main frame that we produce adopts 12V DC safe voltage and it couldn�t harm people by creepage.

3, The writing area adopts high-hardness and high-transparency PMMA aviation materials, it WON'T scratch and break even if you use for a long time.

4, Ultra Thin and Light weight. the product depth is only 1.8CM and the weight is less than 2.5KG (save your transport costs).

5, Easy to place, Hangs in a window, on a wall, or position it on an easel ( optional extra ) and it is safe to touch, clean and cool, quiet and maintenance free.

6, The fluorescent components adopt imported raw materials and could ensure a 50,000 hours service time.

Product installation:

1, Places where the product could be hung, (on the products, it will comes with place to hung),

Hard smooth surfaces, woody new materials, metallic decorative surfaces, stainless surfaces, plastic decorative surfaces, glasses, tiles and metallic coatings

2, Places where the product couldn�t be hung

(1), Soil wall, plaster wall, wallpaper, artificial cloth and aqueous coating surfaces

(2), Such places that have much water as the bathroom, etc

(3), Rough and easy peeling places

3, It could be placed on a triangular easel directly

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