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Looking for a investor - partner (Dubai)

Looking for an investor partner to create a joint car accessories store in UAE.

Stylish car accessories Store.
The products are mainly for car interior.
We have active working model of online store, sales are making all over Ukraine.
I am sure that here, at the local market in UAE, such products will have a great popularity.
For creating first store in UAE is need investment, organization and management I can handle very good. But it will be positive if partner can help organize and participate in development of the company at least in first steps.

Official web store in Ukraine: Protected content (not multi language yet)
Additional web store in Ukraine: Protected content (not multi language)

Assortments: Protected content , [not include options like colors, sizes etc.]. We are adding new ones periodically.
In Ukraine, the store working as an online store only. In the UAE, I think that system(online only) won't work, but I have the idea of creating an unusual mix of real store with online store.

I propose to make the Business plan together.
All values for Ukraine is available. For the local market we have only assumed values now. But, beforehand, I will make a statistical research of the local market on the basis of similar store or stores close on the subject at several market points with different rent cost to obtain data for the planning.
Also, we can use this obtained data to create the most optimal business model for the store.

Values that are constantly considered in the business, weekly reports:
- The quantity of website visitors, average value per day
- The quantity of incoming calls, average value per day
- The quantity of buyers, average value per day
- The quantity of bought product units, average value per day
- Average check
- Value of conversion of visitors into buyers
- The quantity of available products in stock, percentage of the total assortment.
- All items of expenditure: delivery, rent, taxes, salaries, purchases, etc., average value per day
- In the case of advertising investment - the cost value of each new customer, that has come by advertising
- Income, profits(net income), average value per day

All decisions and actions are carried out only after analyzing the weekly results in exact values.

All accurate and specific values in digits will be added soon !!!

Have questions or propose - mail: Protected content

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