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looking for a new professional posiiton (Dubai)

Dear all,

Greetings. My name is Marios Efthymiopoulos. I have been recently trying to reallocate in Dubai.

The reason behind it is that my other half has already reallocated here working in Dubai and thus I am in between countries trying to reappoint my self professionally.

what you think are the best moves to go forward to?

in terms of business I am looking for strategic development, communication, public affairs, international relations, marketing.

in terms of academia, since i come from the academic community am in search of teaching positions either at university or schools in political sciences, strategies, communnications...

Anyone to provide me some advise please? I would really appreciate it to get in contact with people that can provide advise and talk a bit more.

I am in search through variety of sites.. but does not seem to work.

Finally to add i can also send to you my short CV if that helps. or you can google me.

thanks again

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