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looking for subjects for my documentary (Dubai)


I would like to get in contact with some expats from all over the world, who have young children that travel alone by plane between countries for different reasons (Unaccompanied minors), specifically with a special service from the KLM ( The Junior Jet Lounge) and have to make a “stopover” in Amsterdam Schiphol”

I am working for a documentary film company. We are interested in making a documentary titled; Precious Cargo. This documentary is about children of expat diplomats travelling alone, using a special service called the Junior Jet Lounge of the KLM in Amsterdam. The Film places intimate and personal portraits of unaccompanied minors, against the background of the well-oiled and dynamic mundane world of an airport.

I would really like to get in contact with several diplomats who are willing to share their experience with us. We have no commercial interest. We make documentaries for Dutch Public Television that are of human interest and its purpose is to inform, educate and inspire. Are there any expats out there that are willing to share their experience?

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