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Marketing & PR opportunities - ENG & FR speaking (Dubai)

Dear all,
I hate doing this but desperate moment = desperate measures :)
So here it is:
I am french and have been working in sales department since I arrived in the UAE 5 years ago and would like to get back to what I'm really good at and interested in: Marketing & Public Relation.
I do not have a strong background in this field yet but
have successfully organised and hosted couple of events for the Hotel
I am actually working for.

Being a great and reliable link between different kind of network
and a very sociable person, here are few skills that I'm proud of:
I am creative, meticulous, resourceful, friendly, curious, presentable
and adaptable to any kind of environment.
I have an accurate sense of logic and responsibilities,
I handle well the pressure, am persistent and deeply involve.
I’m also, very mindful to details and even tend to take more time
to achieve some tasks in order to have them done at the closest perfection.
I always appreciate criticisms and look forward to evolve, grow and learn.

If anyone feel my profile would match any relevant requirement in their company, please post your interest with your email address
so we can reply you with CV and further details.

LinkedIn ref: Protected content

I thank you all for your consideration and attention and wish good luck to anyone who's looking for new opportunities like me.

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