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Moving in Dubai

Hello everybody,

first of all, thank you in advance for any advice. I will be moving soon to Dubai and as you might understand, in these kind of circumstance, being able to exchange thoughts and questions with people that already lives in Dubai is worth gold!

I will be moving to Dubai, probably, within the next 6 – 9 months. I will be 100% sponsored by a Swiss based company who has recently opened a branch in Dubai.

My plan is obviously to come to Dubai for Protected content before our definite move. My intention however is to purchase a villa (I was thinking about Palm Jumeira) I've heard is a nice neighborhood and well located (budget approx Protected content AED). Is Palm really that nice? I would like for my family to stay away fron the caos/stress of the city and live in a place where they feel on "vacation".
How easy or difficult is it to purchase a villa?

Useless to say I have many other concerns which I've read about but obviously I will be able to authenticate once in Dubai..
Per example: driving seems to be a nightmare, some signs are in Arabic, roads are congested etc…is this true?
Dubai is basically a alcohol free city, now I am obviously not an alcoholic ..:) but how does this work? I certainly enjoy drinking a beer once in a while sitting on my porch..
Is the heat really that bad? I've lived 8 years in Houston, but they told me Dubai is much worst!
Are they important things to know when coming to Dubai since it is however an Arab city..I mean 80 % of the populations are foreigners but still I am sure that there many rules to respect and follow…

Anyhow, I don't want to take to much of your time but any info is truly appreciated and who knows we might meet soon in Dubai for a couple of beers..:)

Thanks in advance.


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