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My Take on Dubai Expo 2020

Curiosity they say, is the lust of the mind. People got curious and curiosity led them to seek answers on what the whole brouhaha is about. The Dubai Expo Protected content far fetched in anyone’s mind in this side of the continent as never was it ever done in a Middle East, Africa and South East Asian country. So what does an Expo really mean? And of what importance will this stand for Dubai, more after for it’s neighboring countries?

A world exposition is a large public exhibition that will brand a country to highlight their national image, or their universal image. It runs a total of 6 months and an exhibition varies from technology, to engineering wonders, a cultural exchange to humanity or whatever strength a country will display for other countries to start an economic trade based on those strengths. Advertising and marketing the country will translate to income generating projects which is the aim of the host country, to make profit.

World fairs have always inspired people of their times, unknowingly writing the trend of that era. Through the course of time, it has changed radically with technology and with the internet that held no boundaries when it comes to information. But new ways to entertain and to inspire is the challenge on how to enlighten the people of this generation, aiming always the benefits for the next generations to come. That is how the world grows, and that is the importance of a world exposition.

The Japan exposition in Protected content by far the largest and the most attended by other countries in world fair. 77 countries participated with 64 Million visitors during the 6 month expo. It showcased the importance of technology that the world will benefit with its usage. It was the birth of almost everything we touch now that technologically did ease our way of living.

The Dubai Expo in Protected content open the doors for greater challenges. “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” – a theme well spoken even at this time. Dubai at its present is a web of brilliant minds aiming at one goal, and one goal alone - and that is to create the future. It will brand the culture of the people and the personality of the country. It will definitely brand Dubai as a whole new dimension on what future will look like.

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