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Need some advice, please ! (Dubai)

Hi :-)

I got a job offer in Dubai taking me back to my music industry roots, although this will be in the distribution / developing African markets arena....regions that I am quite familiar with.

Political turmoil saw us leave South Africa 5 years back, with stints in SE Asia and I've been back to rural East Africa with wife and kids back in SA Protected content been a year without them, an unexpected long time !

Going back to my roots with this quite big-, very well established company could be a good long term career move and promote more stability in the long run, more so than what I might have been able to provide here...up to now at least.

The company really wants me for my 15+hands on MI experience....but the initial offer of 15K DHS (apparently, final figure to be decided by other Japanese big boss) seems a bit low. I wanted to be re-united with my family by latest year end…but I don’t want to strong-arm too much, because from what I’ve deducted during the personal interview from the other senior Japanese exec is that there is good room for growth & development.

This probably means going without my loved ones for longer, although they will have a bit more of a stable flow of funds back home to SA. Living in SA is torture for them…no transport after 5 years abroad (can’t even get vehicle finance for them as we HAVE no credit after 5 years away !?...weird how backwards things have become).

Anyway, roughing it out here in rural Africa for 2 years has taken its toll and provided exceptional little ROI after MUCH toil and I don’t see much of a long term future here with the economy the way it is, with the ever weakening local currencies.

WHAT to do !? My logic says YES to Dubai, but my heart PINES for them, it feels like I’m losing them after so long already. There’s absolutely nothing for me back in SA, so going “home” is not even an option. Being here on a “visitor” status still after 2 years (previous company pulled out, 2nd company took forever to get set-up etc) is well...let’s just say, I can’t bring them here without anything solid and stable.

We’ve done OK before, but red tape, beaurocracy, delays(Africa time), infrastructure issues and various other things outside my control tapped me dry out here whilst I poured myself into what I currently do whole heartedly.

I guess in a way I’m answering my own question, but I guess this potential move would see me leave my current industry . Sure it’s going back to what I did for a long time in our family business….BUT I’ll most likely, and unavoidably burn some bridges leaving here…but it’s about my family now.

Could this be the start of something great, a game-changer perhaps? Should I just take this “ground-floor” opportunity…strut my stuff and come out winning in the end? I just hope the “price” is not too high, not that there are other viable options anyway !

Wow, I’m used to sorting other people’s financial lives out, help them prepare for their financial futures, making wise decisions on TV & the press and here I am quite in a “tizz” myself wanting to make sure I do the right thing and what is best for everyone.

Sorry for the long “novel” ! Any gut-feel thoughts, comments and/or suggestions?

As mentioned before, the company I’ll be working with is quite big, -they seemingly really want me and hope I say “yes”, which is a good thing obviously.

What would any of your perhaps suggest I could push for perhaps to sweeten the 15K deal? What should or could I perhaps insist on, if any? I think health care is included, my relocation shouldn’t be a problem (from what I gathered in the interview) as it’s just me for now until I can offer the family something solid later on.

I don’t want to overshoot, but also don’t want to undersell myself. 15K will not support a family here, that much I do know for sure…but the prospects look good going forward to have that increased and “worm” my way into something good, so to speak. Worth the sacrifice?

Any and all comments most welcome !

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