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Negativity about real estate company's (Dubai)

I haven't been on this website for a while. Today I'v been looking at some posts about real estate company's/agents. And that has disappointed me!

First of all, if you are new in Dubai and your rent won't be paid by your company, then look for a place with short term rent as you probably can't afford the yearly rent in the beginning. and not all real estate company's can help you with that as you need a separate license for short term rent as a company/agent. The rent depends on the area you want to live in.

but PLEASE do some research, ask around, look in newsletters. but again PLEASE work with professionals REGISTERED AGENTS!!! There are definitely some agents around who don't know what they are doing but there are also definitely good experienced real estate company's around, who DO care about their client instead of their commission only. Especially if you want to BUY a property, don't just look at the cheapest prices, because some of them are not true, look at a professional and experienced agent who will help you get the price you are looking for even if it will be trough another agent. Because guys! you're not buying a watch or trousers, we are talking here about buying your home, or your investment.

As the Dubai land's department is having some very serious rules now regarding real estate agents in Dubai, you will soon only work with registered agents. And lots of real estate company's will shut down as they are not registered and there for are not working with registered agents. also search for AREA SPECIALISTS, instead of agents who are dealing with every area in Dubai!

I took my time to post this not to sell myself but as I wanted to show you guys a different side of real estate. I am an experienced, western specialised Client relationship manager in Dubai. I work for Sloanes real estate, which is based in London, Dubai, Saudi and Abu Dhabi. I meet my client for coffee, to discuss the whole purchasing process, to qualify them and most important to create a bound with the client, because we care for the client. Once I know the client I will know what he/she is looking for. Most people think we only think about our commission. The commission is our salary. BUT my clients pay my salary, so more important for me is to care for my client, find them their dream place or investment. because satisfied clients mean referrals and referrals mean good reputation and more satisfied clients and that means i'm satisfied too!

Good luck and best regards,

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