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Sometimes the org's policies really dig into your brains. We go to events, says that it is for business networking and for social fun as well but you can't promote your business in the events or the site. That is fine as I don't have a business neither am I engage in any.

To post a free event means going against the policy. To post paid events are not. To post an activity similar to what you do at work is probably not a good idea as well as there will be dirty minds and more dirty minds.

I miss my old networking org where we are free to promote business as freely as we could in the events. Members get more for their money and it is really a REAL networking for business basically.

Since most of the activities involves money, those offered for free are invalid? And being an outdoor person that I am, the desert is free and wide, so are the mountains and (some) beaches. It is discouraged to meet "unofficially". Fine. No home gatherings recommended. Fine. No free events. Fine. Nothing is free. Fine. I would not go into the details how Dubai members are perceived by others. But that is fine. Fine.

I just tried the 6 months Albatross see how well it works for me. Or not...

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