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New Healthy and Fit Year! (Dubai)


I post this thread after abusing the delicacies of the Holidays Season and packing a few (with no regrets) … As many do, I have the New Year resolution of getting back in shape. I thought why not do that in the company of old and new friends…

I don't know if this is the right forum to drop this topic in, but I am planning to still take advantage of the good weather (while it lasts) and go for short and long runs around Dubai.

Would be great if (whoever is interested, male and female) join in that, as we might inspire each other for a fitter and more social new year.

Again if there are groups in Internations that organise that let go there, as long as the objective is fulfilled; alternatively drop me a message if interested and specify which category of a runner (walker) you are:

1. Walker
2. Short Runner Protected content continuous runs (CR))
3. Medium Runner Protected content CR)
4. Advanced Runner Protected content Protected content CR)
5. Super Runner (Longer then 60 min CR)

Happy New Year All…

p.s. No you don't need to be accurate to the minute in the Cats above ;)

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