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New in Dubai, relocation and social questions


Currently in negotiations over new contract in Dubai. I am most likely going to be a contractor/non perm. I have never been and am clueless at this point, as below questions indicate!
Questions about costs and how to go about:


typical monthly 1 bed apartment?
weekly food shop?
cost of meal in a regular restaurant?
cost of a beer? (!)

boring stuff:

Health insurance? must i go private or is there state?
social security system, like state benefits and what you have to do to get them. for example, public pension, healthcare&nursing and unemployment., childcare, disability etc
income tax rate?
social security monthly deductions?
other taxes + expenses?
car insurance?
other insurances that are compulsory?

what is Process to register as contractor/freelance/self employed + costs?

Anything else relevant?


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