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Not for Friendships any more ? (Dubai)

This is to all simple and honest souls out there.
The online space has been infiltrated, tarnished and abused by hustlers.
The problem is it's not leaving anymore space for healthy social relationships.

Not all relationships are about dating. Not all relationships are about "wanting something". We are humans with souls. Souls need to be nurtured. One way is to get exposed to different ideas and other souls. That's it!

I came here to meet people and create social experiences. After all we all deep down inside are built to function with in groups.
I am calling on all good and honest "socials" to help keep it that way.

I came here because I was told I could find others with my same interests and explore new ones. Sadly it's not showing like that.

I'll tell you what will happen if it keeps going like this: chicks will get bored from all the spam winks, guys will start to give up and we loose the whole social fabric concept this is supposed to be about. I respect those looking to date if they are genuine. but problem is unfortunately most of the time they're not and they ruin it for the other guys trying to experience social building.

Let's keep it fun and social.

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