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Nursing jobs in dubai (Dubai)

Hi guys im in need of someones help. I have recently moved out to dubai and my girlfriend is trying get a nursing job out here. I know that you need a DHA licence to to start nursing out here, but she has tried the DHA website and is trying to apply but it is not working and we have tried calling them but she cant get through to the right people even though we called different numbers to call them. Can an employer help her apply for one? She is a british nurse with just over 3 years experience of working in hospitals for the NHS and also working for private companies (fresenius kabi) and doing community nursing too. She really wants to come over to Dubai and start working over here, so if anyone knows of any oppurtunities for nursing work or anyone who can put her in touch with an employer or company that would be massively appreciated. I can send over her cv and contact details too asap. Many thanks guys

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