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Off shore License (Dubai)

Offshore companies are the preferred company structure to achieve anonymity and privacy protection, keep all business details confidential and combine all this with limited liability and tax exemption. Every offshore company we offer is registered fully legal and able to conduct activities worldwide.

For a legal entity to be able establish itself as an offshore company, it must meet certain criteria. In general it cannot:

carry on business with persons or legal entities resident in the jurisdiction of incorporation.
own an interest in real property situate in the country of incorporation.
hold shares, stock, debt obligations or other securities in a Local company incorporated under the ordinary Companies Act.
Offshore Companies Pros:

Anonymity, confidentiality and the highest level of privacy protection.
Limited liability without any paid up capital requirement.
Legal tax exemption; no taxation on any kind of income.
No accounting, no reporting, no filing, no auditing.
No accountant costs.
Business can be conducted internationally
Can hold assets including property, stock etc in respective emirates.
Offshore Companies Cons:

No visa will be provided, not even to the owner of the company.
You cannot be able to perform any operations of the company, only invoicing is possible.

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