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Open minded and passionate German looking for job (Dubai)

I’m a graduate from the prestigious University of Buckingham (United Kingdom) in politics, history and economics. I have excellent communication skills and I’m very precise and hard working. I gained experience in several different fields such as development aid work in Africa and Latin-American, private equity and real estate in the U.S. (Atlanta), event managing and band managing at a record label in Berlin, internships at leading German law firms in Munich and central Germany, customer service in hotels in Germany.

I studied all my life with people from very different cultural backgrounds; therefore I’m familiar with most of the customs in the Middle East, Europe and Latin-America. During my studies in the UK I developed a passion for the Middle East as I met many wonderful people from Oman, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I visited already most of those countries and build strong friendships with amazing people. My dissertation for my degree was about the diversity of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

I’m currently looking for a job in the Middle East, preferably Dubai. I’m very open minded and undetermined concerning the job position, but I prefer a position where my communicative skills would benefit me such as Human Resources, key account management etc. I’m well trained in mediation, very reliable, loyal and efficient.

I am very grateful for any advice, offer or help.

Thank you very much in advance


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