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Outsourcing Service for "Accounting & Bookkeeping" aims is to give our clients, the extra time at their disposal to plan and undertake more important functions for growth of the business rather than getting involved in day to day accounting of the business. It is no longer necessary for you to hire a full time accountant. By outsourcing your Accounting & Bookkeeping, you will not only minimize the expenses, but you will also have the privilege of using the expertise of our team of highly skilled professionals.

Our experienced team of accounting professionals will maintain your accounts that will generate the reports required by you for performing in an optimal manner and take the important decisions based on the scientific analysis of the data provided by the experts working on the job. The reports that are generated in the normal course of business would be as follows: are the output reports you will get from "Out-sourcing of Accounting & Bookkeeping"?

Monthly Sales Analysis
Monthly Purchases Analysis
Accounts Receivable with Ageing Analysis
Accounts Payable with Ageing Analysis
Monthly Bank Reconciliation
Monthly Trial Balance
Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedule
Payroll / Wages Analysis
Monthly EOSB Schedules
Profit and Loss Account (Annual)
Balance Sheet

We would also be happy to provide you a detailed analysis of the performance based on the benchmarks that you may set up in discussion with your team.

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Our fees will be based on the number of transactions and the time required based on the assessment of the requirements of every client.

Service Packages

Package A:

The Accounting and book keeping services will be done at our office and we will agree with you the time and requirement for your reports if other than at the end of the month.

Package B:

The Accounting and book keeping services will be done at your office by our staff member and we will agree with you the time of his visits whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per the work requirements.

Package C:

The Accounting and book keeping services will be done at the year end whether in your office by our staff member/s or at our office depending upon the mutual agreement and convenience. This will result in preparation of Financial Statements for the year end.

Feel free to call and ask for any clarifications and queries that you may have.

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