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Planning for the future... (Dubai)

Hello, I was wondering if i could ask for some help from the internations community here in Dubai as i have only just recently moved here and only know a few people that i have managed to meet and work with so far with my services, however, i really to need to get to meet more people.

I am currently based in Dubai, offering my expertise on a variety of offshore financial benefits and services to professional expatriates like yourselves. I can discuss areas such as education planning for your children, retirment planning for your future and many more areas.

My company has recently developed some new products and ideas related to expats living in Dubai and I would like the opportunity to drop by so I can discuss the various options we have available.

The introductory meeting is a completely free, no obligation review, offering insight and advice on international savings and long term advise as well as many other areas which may add positive value to your current situation. This is a totally no obligation meeting which would take me no longer than 45 mins of your time over a coffee and i will come out to you, so for the sake of 45 mins, i may be able to give you the best solutions you will get, that i guarantee, will help you and your future.

I look forward to all your help while i settle in here in Dubai and get to know more people.

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