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Please Don't Drink Unhealthy Water (Dubai)

Hi all, Few weeks back I came to know that most of low scale water bottle companies are using big names and supplying people with unhealthy, unhygienic, Tap water. Authorities are already pursuing, meanwhile me and my family were really stuck with bottle water where either we had to buy it from local stores or wait for deliveries or some times if we don’t pay attention, then while having meal found its finished.

Got solution installed water purification device in my kitchen, its like dream come true, its fresh and you can drink as much as you want without any kind of fear, We and many of my colleagues are using it for drinking and cooking. Also i took a sample of this water that we are drinking tested with laboratory and its pure drinking water like we use back homes.

Please don’t trust on local companies because you don’t know the water is healthy or not, especially when it comes to your families and children. These companies even big names use preservative for water storage that’s why they have these big expiries even for a year it kept stored.

For fresh, clean healthy water strongly recommend water purification device.

This is the number for one of best supplier of water purification device.
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Thanks and stay healthy!


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