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Portuguese in Dubai - Visa Queries

We have hired a Portuguese who used to reside in Kuwait. The Portuguese executive now has a residence visa. As for his family, they don't have residence visas yet. Marriage and birth certificates have been translated and certified by the Embassy of Portugal in Saudi Arabia. We now have the documents and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Consulate in Dubai refuse to have these documents atteseted. I asked for help from the Embassy of Portugal in Saudi Arabia. She told me that they should accept the documents as there is an agreement between Portugal and UAE. Portugal will be setting up an embassy in Abu Dhabi by end of the year or next year and UAE will also have an embassy in Portugal. How did you do yours? Will the Residency Department accept their documents just with a stamp of Embassy of Portugal in Saudi Arabia.

I hope to hear from you as the wife and kids are now "over-staying"in UAE.

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