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Professional Coaching with Certified ICC Coach (Dubai)

- Executive. business & life coaching.
- Change management (companies and their staff).
- Strategic consultancy.
- Turnover and growth consultancy.

=========== Why me? ===============

Check my career and experience at my LinkedIn profile please and you will understand. Both my business experience and personal achievements tell more about me, than needed.

Just one of the many facts of my career here: I have turn over an European business from loss of $1,5 mln to profit of $0,5 mln in just two years! So it looks as I know what I'm doing...

If your company is facing problems due to recession, first signs of crisis (I love this word), then consider contacting me and we can agree on respective course of action.

My services aren't cheap, so think twice before you try to reach me. But they pay off. Think about it! $2 mln gain in just two years. Or let your business erode!


AED Protected content ,- per session (1,5 hour long),
whole project 20 hours long, AED Protected content ,-

AED Protected content ,- per session (1,5 hour long)

AED Protected content ,- per session (1,5 hour long)

4) BUSINESS GROUP COACHING WORKSHOPS (with precisely agreed objectives to be achieved by group and by participating individuals) for groups of Protected content , long for Protected content
AED Protected content ,- per workshop Protected content one on one coaching
session for each participant (included in the price of the workshop)

AED 900,- per session. If you are Polish your rate is half of that.

PACKAGES: Protected content ordered 15% reduction from a single session price; 7+ sessions 25% of reduction.

=========== Isn't it too expensive? ==============

So you look for new monthly revenue of 100K maybe even 200K AED, right? And Protected content even 5K AED is too much for you? Before you stop reading this: make a calculation. What % is 3K AED of 200K AED? 1,5%. Right? So investing 1,5% of your business's new - expected to be - revenues is too expensive?! Hmmm... Interesting thought! Please don't contact me if you really think so.

No free, neither test sessions available either. I don't do any supermarket type of promotion. CONTACT ME ONLY if you REALLY WANT & IF YOU ALREADY DECIDED to change the future of your business and your own. If you JUST THINK ABOUT IT, don't even bother. I work with CHANGE MAKERS, not with losers.

Activity areas in UAE: Dubaj, Abu Dhabi, Shajrah, Al Ain.
Also any GCC country and any EU country (travel and accommodation fees will be applied).

Language: English. Polish.

I WORK ONLY IN CUSTOMERS PREMISES. This allows me to breathe the same air your staff does, I become a part of the team, but looking at your company from a distance, which allows to see more and also more clearly. So let me tell you what I see and COMPARE with what you see. Based on my experience I can promise you, that our views will be different and this might become your turning point.

Serious inquiries only please. On Protected content
or call my mobile Protected content

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