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Hello Everyone,

My Name is Viola. I am Youth Ambassador for the Youth Assembly which is a Youth Program designed to support the Global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Each year we hold two very major conferences in United States of America and we invite young people from all around the world who have a vision, plan or on going venture that are aimed at changing the world around them.

The Youth Assembly provides a platform for young people to speak and share the matters that are daily raising in our communities that seem to be affecting our lives and environment.Attendees also get to meet and exchange contacts with great world leaders who are already making impacts in changing the world. Sponsorship, partnerships and many more opportunities are also made available. At the end of the conference, certificates are also issued to all the participants.

You only need to be 16 and above to register and am here to help and ensure that your application is done properly in order for the concerned team to accept your application. Invitation letters to the US Embassy for US visas are also provided to the successful applicant.

If you are interested in changing your world, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. Kindly DM me and we will start the process for your journey to Washington DC this coming August.

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