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Scam Alert - Please be careful (Dubai)

Hello friends there is a lady called Chinchu Narayana who will try to get in touch with you. She claims to be a researcher working with Normonz Pharmaceutical UK and will propose a lucarative business opportunity , she will say that her company wants to purchase Apeztine oil which you source for $ Protected content sell it to her company for $15, Protected content huge profits) and she will introduce you as a vendor to her company not only that she will also provide the name and other details of the vendor who sells it in India to get in touch with for the order.

She said that initilally we need to supply 2 litres of the oil and after her company gets it tested, will place an order for Protected content will be paid on delivery of the product and she with her team mates will visit dubai for collecting the samples and giving payment for the sample. Now this felt to good to be true but as the saying goes" if Something is too good to be true you can bet it is not".

So i did some research and came across this article -

Protected content

Ah so thats the deal. I did a quick check of Normonz ip and guess what it has a nigerian domain. Also their website looks pretty washy for a company that has been doing business for so long. The other company in india that she will refer is also a fake company and they only want the inital money that you pay upfront for the sample.

Twist in the tale, I told her that I spoke to one of my associate in India who can supply the same product at better pricing and with good terms. Hmmm this didnt go well with her and she insisted that I get the first sample from the company that she has refered to and maybe the later order can be procured from the company i know. I insisted that why should I take the product from another vendor when I have my own company which is quite reputable.Needless to say that this didnt sit well with Chinchu Narayana and I wont be getting the order. So friends please be careful as i know she is in contact with other members too through her profile. You probably wont hear from her after you have paid for the sample. Also high probablity Chinchu Narayana is a victim of identity theft and the person on the other side is a Nigerian Scamster.

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