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Seeking Digital Media Opportunities in Dubai

I’ve just come to Dubai from the UK and am essentially looking to explore/pursue possible openings whether they be project based or full time employment opportunities within the Digital Media sector (specifically e-Marketing, Social Media, and Digital Media Management).

Brief Bio:
With over 13 years experience directing and managing digital media related technologies and strategies in both start-up and Fortune Protected content , coupled with my unique ability to bridge the gap between digital media technology, design, marketing and advertising, I feel that I’d make an excellent addition to companies requiring skills and expertise within these areas.

Key skills include:
-Excellent understanding of Digital Marketing and Branding, Digital Content Management and Social Media Strategy Development.

- Proven track record/expertise implementing digital media strategies that increase revenue, contain costs, and exceed expectations.

- Unique ability to develop new revenue streams using leading edge digital media/creative technologies.

- International work experience within Europe, US and Asia Pacific Protected content .

Looking to purse projects/roles within:
e-Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Digital Media Management, Digital Content Strategy and Consultancy.

Typical full time roles sought:
- Head of Digital/Creative Technologies
- Digital Director
- Social Media Strategist
- Digital Account Director
- Technology Director
- (A combination of the above)

Feel free to contact me for further details.

Many Thanks
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