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Sell New American Powerboats At Wholesale Prices. (Dubai)

The following might be of interest to you or someone you would recommend.

FACT: The USA produces a high percentage of the world’s best built recreational powerboats and is home to many of the world’s most famous brands.

American Wholesale Boats is a long established, recognised, reputable company which supplies new, leading brand, American powerboats at wholesale prices directly to private buyers in many parts of the world and ships them likewise. We have been in business for nearly 26 years years and delivered well over 1,200 boats to happy clients in many parts of the world during that time without any problems.

Along with all current models virtually at dealer cost, we have available a selection of new, old inventory ( Protected content ) larger model Bayliners, Sea Rays, Regals, Boston Whalers and Meridians plus a number from other leading brands either at or even BELOW dealer cost. All have a comprehensive list of factory fitted options, are prepped and ready for shipment to any major, international port.

Such buying privileges are unique because leading brand, American powerboat dealers in the USA are not allowed to export or even sell outside allotted territories as part of their dealer agreements and we do not deal directly with the manufacturers which invariably already have appointed authorised dealers in the countries we supply to.

So how can a company based in New Zealand do it? Our marketing office is in Christchurch because I choose to live here but the main part of our business is based in the USA and all boats are shipped from there directly to our clients.

We are interested in appointing freelance agents in more growing regional markets including The UAE where the market potential is substantial. This includes both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The key requirements are; a) some knowledge of the marine industry is desirable but not vital, b) sales/marketing skills, c) a diverse network of business/social contacts and d) a high level of integrity.

Income is by way of commission and a high level is the norm. The agent can choose to work full or part time to suit their personal circumstances and all genuine inquiry is welcome.

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