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so, you want to be a "mystery shopper" ...? (Dubai)

Of course, this particular posting (for mystery shoppers, in this forum) is certainly above board (nobody, including 'Dara ann', who is a member of Internations would deceive us (after all, she has been a member for almost 2 months), even someone who has very little posted on their profile...profession...? etc), and I'll take no pains to scrutinize her (unrealistic) posting further.

However, beware. Allow me to relate a few details of a scam that I have read about that has occurred in Canada lately.

You become a "mystery shopper." They give you a cheque, that you deposit into your account. (Wow!! So far, so good!) Then, the mystery shopping you do is to go to a money transfer agent to see how well they do at transferring this money from your account. (Wow!! They do it perfectly! (just as you might expect.)) Then, the cheque they gave you bounces. And so the money is again taken out of your account to cover the cheque.

Now, you should have no problem contacting 'Dara ann' to get your money back ... is that her last name... 'ann'??

Of course, none of what I am mentioning would happen here. And of course, why wouldn't you expect "good pay" for mystery shopping. Hard work that ... right?

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