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Socializing or Flirting (Dubai)


Hi Everyone,

Well I am not such a new person in UAE and not even a too old one. I think Its just been 5 months since I joined Inter Nations. But in the recent few weeks I have noticed this developing trend about random messages with praises so high about your looks, your profile, etc.. I mean I am certainly not the person who doesn't like being praised .. in fact i feel casual flirting (but within the line of decency) is a healthy thing ... but then few people are unable to see that thin line.

I had always been under the impression that Inter nations was a place for socializing with people with like minds, occupations or making business contacts or maybe casual friends (which may turn out to be good friends later)

So my questions is that did i misinterpret this Social Site or is it being actually mistreated by few?

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